What is teletherapy?

Teletherapy is an avenue for you to receive counseling and psychotherapy services without going to an office. All you need is a phone, tablet or computer with internet access to connect to your therapist.


  • Privacy – No more awkward glances in the waiting room or hallway, you don’t see other clients and they don’t see you.
  • Comfort – As the client, you can sit in your favorite comfy chair, enjoy your coffee, have your pet lounging nearby and be in your own surroundings during your session.
  • Scheduling – It can be hard to make time for therapy, even when you know it’s important. With teletherapy, drive time is eliminated so you can participate from your office, home, car, school, friend’s home, or even vacation or work destination.
  • Social Anxiety – After trauma, being in places with other people can cause anxiety. Teletherapy offers you a chance to meet with your therapist from your own safe place.
  • Weather & Other Unpredictable Events – Don’t miss your therapy session for things out of your control.
  • Transportation NOT Required – Your mental health should not be negatively impacted by distance, a lack of driving privilege or license, access to transportation or dependence on another individual. Now you can speak with your therapist without going anywhere.
  • Individual & Family Sessions – With teletherapy, one or more people can easily join the discussion from wherever they are. No more coordinating extensive drive times or sitting awkwardly in someone else’s office.
  • Reduced Wait Times – Paperwork is done electronically through a private patient portal prior to the appointment. When it’s time for your session, simply click on the link that has been sent to you and be instantly connected.
  • You Are Worth It – Mental health and physical health are closely tied together. CTS has made it easy to access the mental health services that you and your loved ones deserve!

“Teletherapy has been scientifically proven to effectively mediate positive change. The primary key to success is the therapist’s ability to be in tune with the client’s verbal and nonverbal ques. The CTS therapists have the innate ability to deliver healing messages via teletherapy. They are familiar with traditional therapeutic modalities and professionally meet the personal needs of their patients who are distanced by miles but brought close through technology.”

Dr. Judith Miller, PhD, CAC III, RP

Founder of Soaring Hope Addiction Recovery

Dr. Judith Miller praises Teletherapy
Dr. Judith Miller
Published author and founder of
Soaring Hope Addiction Recovery

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