Colorado Teletherapy Services believes that everyone should have access to counselors and psychotherapists, regardless of  income. We believe that finances should not be a stumbling block to receiving mental relief. Your donation makes it possible for us to provide FREE 24/7 counselors and services. This includes weekly meetings for kids 12 and under, teens, and adults! These services help people struggling with suicidal thoughts, depression, anxiety, grief and other mental health concerns.

We have chosen not to contract with insurance companies. Insurances dictate both the treatment, and how often an individual can receive services. Each person is unique and the treatment they need is equally personal. Not everyone needs a diagnosis…sometimes they just need someone to talk to. Services that are 100% cash based and on a donation fee schedule means treatment can be individualized and available for everyone.

Healthy individuals lead to a healthier community. Your donation saves lives by maintaining access to free 24 hour counselors and positively impacts the health of your community.


Dr. Sanjay Gupta, Chief Medical Correspondent for CNN & Charity Mills, CTS Psychotherapist
during a special filming and presentation on food insecurity in America


CTS depends on generous partners who can help contribute financially.  Your donation helps us continue to provide free 24/7 counselors and cash based services for those in need. Thank you for joining with us and supporting our efforts to make counselors and psychotherapists available to your community. Please select your contribution amount below:


If you prefer to customize your donation to an amount not listed above, please use the Custom Donation box below or click here.

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